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Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator

To get a bra that fits properly, it is vital to measure your bra size. This free calculator will tell you how to measure your breast size.

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Table of Contents

  1. How to Use the Bra Size Calculator
  2. Who can use a bra size calculator
  3. If Your Bra Fits Properly
  4. Choose The Best Bra Style For Your Body
    1. Underwire Bra
    2. Wireless bra
    3. Push-up
    4. Balconette
    5. Demi
    6. Plunge
    7. Minimizer
    8. Bralette
    9. Bandeau
    10. Full coverage bra
    11. T-shirt or seamless bra
    12. Sports Bra
    13. Strapless Bra
    14. Bra with Front Clasp
    15. Halter
    16. Stick-on bra
  5. Proper care for bras
  6. Bra Replacement

Bra Size Calculator

Are you one of the millions of women wearing the wrong bra size? Given how many variations there are in styles, features, and sizing, it's no wonder why so many women have trouble shopping for bras.

Finding the right bra size is crucial for a woman's confidence and well-being. A well-fitting bra should help clothing feel and look better while providing plenty of support for your breasts. So, rather than suffering with an ill-fitting bra, use our free bra size calculator to determine the perfect size for you.

How to Use the Bra Size Calculator

The bra size calculator is simple to use and only requires a small amount of information. You will first want to measure the loose circumference of your chest, as this will help determine your cup size. This measurement is most accurate when you are already wearing a well-fitted bra. Measure over the fullest part of your breasts as you stand up straight.

After this step is completed, you will measure the firm circumference of your chest to determine your band size. To do this, be sure the measuring tape is not fitted too tightly and measure right underneath your breasts.

The measurements can be taken in centimeters or inches. To get the correct data, enter the bust circumference at the fullest part and the circumference under the breast into the calculator. After the calculations are input, and you press "submit," the calculator will provide you with a bra size chart that displays your size in relevant countries worldwide.

Who can use a bra size calculator

The bra measurement calculator is perfect for anyone who wants to know their exact bra size. Most women don't get fitted for new bras nearly as often as they should. There's no exact science as to how often a woman should check her bra size, but some experts suggest every six months or at least before purchasing a new bra.

Though some people erroneously think that breast size remains the same, this is not always true. You should consider that your breasts can lose or gain weight, primarily due to extreme hormonal changes, such as those during pregnancy. Alternatively, bra bands are made using elastic, and after this material is stretched, it needs one to two days to shrink back to size. So, if you're wearing this bra daily, eventually, the band will wear out, and you'll need to replace it.

Finding out how to measure your bra size is easy. And with the help of the bra size calculator, it takes only minutes.

If Your Bra Fits Properly

After narrowing down your band and cup size, it will be easier to look through the various options and try on the ones that fit your requirements. To see if your bra fits properly, watch for these signs:

  • The straps should remain in place but not sit too tightly against the skin;
  • The band should remain parallel to the floor;
  • The right size bra will lift your breasts without smashing them against your chest;
  • Your breasts should not spill out the sides or top of the bra;
  • You barely notice the bra, and it's comfortable when sitting and standing;
  • The band should not be too tight, and you should be able to breathe freely.

Choose The Best Bra Style For Your Body

When shopping for a new bra, you should also consider the features that are best suited for your size, shape, and lifestyle. Here are some of the options to consider before buying a bra:

Underwire Bra

Underwire bras are designed with a wire encased at the bottom of the cups to provide additional lift and support. These bras are often chosen for their ability to enhance shape and maintain the position of the breasts. While they are a popular choice for individuals with larger or fuller breasts seeking extra support, they are not exclusively for this group and can be worn by anyone who finds them comfortable.

The choice of an underwire bra depends on personal needs, preferences, and the fit one is seeking, rather than the size alone. Some may find underwire bras uncomfortable, and it's important to select a style that feels good and fits well, whether or not it includes underwires.

Wireless bra

Wireless bras also come in a variety of styles. A wireless bra is ideal if you don't like dealing with wires, which can be uncomfortable. Depending on the model, a wireless bra can come with varying degrees of closure. It will not give you the same support as an underwire bra, but with the suitable straps, you will feel confident. This style of bra is suitable for any breast size. But for very large breasts, you may need a bra with bones for improved support.


The push-up bra model is designed to create a visual breast enlargement effect. Push-ups come in different sizes, from small, giving natural volume, to double size. The push-up is a foam pad located in the bra cup. In addition to the effect of visual enhancement, push-ups also support the breast. The push-up effect leaves the upper part of the breast more open so that you can wear a bra with daring cleavage. A push-up bra is suitable for all shapes and sizes of breasts. It can be especially useful for adding fullness to small breasts and lushness to low breasts.


In this bra, the top of the breasts is slightly open, and the straps are spread wide at the front. The breasts are lifted at the bottom and sides with the help of bones and additional inserts. The upper edge of the cups forms an almost straight line. You can unfasten this model's straps to wear it with open blouses and tops. The Balconette bra leaves the upper part of the bust more open. That is why this bra is comfortable to wear under a low-cut blouse. Breasts get support due to straps and lining material. Balconette is better suited for small, rounded breasts.


The demi bra is also referred to as a half-bra. It is a bra with open cups; it covers only half of your breasts. The shape of the cups is close to a triangle. Such a shape makes the breasts more attractive. A demi bra fits nicely under the clothes with a neckline. A demi bra is sewn in such a way as to bring the breasts closer to each other. The demi bra covers half or three-quarters of your breasts. You can wear it with a V-neck top without fear of showing your bra cups.

A demi bra can give good support to the breasts if you choose the right size and straps. The demi bra is suitable for small, firm breasts that won't pop out of the cups. A demi bra can also lift sagging breasts that may look flat under a V-neck without a bra.


This is a type of bra for evening gowns with a plunging V-neckline. There are inserts on the sides of such a bra, thanks to which the breasts are shifted to the center, and a beautiful cleavage is created. It has inserts like a push-up bra and is cut very low in the center. Like a push-up bra, it gives good support to the breasts. A plunge bra can give shape and fullness to a sagging or wide-set breast bra.


This is a bra model with a special anatomical cut for large breasts. The cup of such a bra is closed, often wholly closed. Bras of this type are suitable for large breasts. They are comfortable in the period after breastfeeding.

If you want to wear a tight dress without emphasizing the size of your breasts, the minimizer will help you. It can shape your bust, so it appears smaller, by redistributing the volume of your breasts. The minimizer supports your breasts well and is suitable for large, full breasts.


The bralette has soft and thin triangular cups. This bra is more suitable for teenage girls and women with small breasts. Bralettes usually do not have a lining or pads. They are often made of beautiful, lacy material. Bralettes do not give your breasts much support. These bralettes are suitable for owners of small breasts that don't need much support.


This is a strapless bra. It is suitable for clothes with an open top. A bandeau is more comfortable for small breasts, as this model has no bones. The bandeau has no straps, cups, or hooks to fasten, which makes it comfortable and casual. The bandeau completely covers the breasts. This bra gives little support to the breasts if it is tight enough. A bandeau is best for small, round breasts.

Full coverage bra

The cup fabric of such a bra hugs the entire breast. It gives the breasts excellent support. Such a bra is suitable for large and full breasts. It will also help smooth out asymmetrical breasts.

T-shirt or seamless bra

T-shirts and seamless bras give maximum comfort. This makes them perfect for creating a smooth shape under a t-shirt. Their degree of closure can vary depending on the style. These bras are soft and comfortable, so they are not designed for heavy breast support. But with a good lining and sturdy straps, a seamless bra can give adequate support. A seamless bra is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are designed for sports activities. It usually covers the breasts completely. A sports bra is excellent at providing support. Its primary purpose is to support the breasts during active workouts. A sports bra is suitable for any breast size. But it will be exceptionally comfortable for large breasts.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bras help to open your shoulders. Such a bra does not give enough support to the breasts because the support depends largely on the straps. Any woman can wear a strapless bra. However, if you have large breasts that need support, you may find this bra uncomfortable.

Bra with Front Clasp

Some women find this bra easier to take off and put on than one that clips in the back. It can give good support, but bras with a back clasp are more likely to provide more support. Such a bra can be worn with any breast shape.


This bra is designed to be worn with halter-style tops. It has one halter strap that goes around the neck. The halter is usually shaped to allow for a more plunging neckline in the front. The halter bra is suitable for any figure and size, but is best suited for small breasts that can withstand the support of just one halter strap.

Stick-on bra

You may have once turned down the opportunity to wear an open-back dress because you didn't have the right bra. A stick-on bra can be used in just such cases. Such a bra sticks to the breasts. Stick-on bras tend to cover only the bottom of the breasts at the front so that you can wear them with cleavage and open-back dresses. These bras do not support the breasts well. Therefore, they are best for small breasts.

Proper care for bras

It is recommended to wash bras separately from other things. Hand wash or hand and delicate washing is preferred. Use water not hotter than +40°C to wash the bra. Choose a special powder or liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.

Before loading the bra into the washing machine, clasp it so that the clasps do not cling to the fabric and tear it. Put the bra in a special washing bag.

It is best to avoid using hot dryers. High temperatures may deform the fabric of the bra.

Bra Replacement

Quality bras that fit correctly will last a long time. Still, the day will come when you have to replace it, and most agree that it's best to do it sooner rather than later. Here are some signs that your bra may not be providing enough support and should be replaced:

  • The fabric is visibly fraying, wearing, or buckling;
  • The underwire is sticking out and not lying flat against your body;
  • The band moves when your bra is connected to the smallest setting.

Ultimately, you should replace your bra upon noticing wear and tear, or after having a baby or significant weight fluctuations. Doing so will ensure that you don't suffer from neck or back complications in the future caused by a poor-fitting bra.

So, grab your measuring tape and use our free, convenient bra size calculator to find your size.